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What to Expect

The Good

Free Samples

By pre-ordering the alpha of Shima by LAFORGE you know you will automatically receive more than one pair of our digital eyewear. But did you know there are some other products we are developing that you will also get for free? From time to time we will send you functioning and nonfunctioning samples for your feedback. Some of these samples are 'strong hints' at future products, but note: not all of the samples you receive will be commercialized into a final product for the mass market.

The Bad


We are one of the few start-up companies out there that has taken the decision to progress technology rather licensing technology that didn't work years ago and attempting to convince you that it will work today. We have chosen to invent and innovate our way into the future. This takes time, a lot of time, often more time than we originally anticipated. Delays are common with state of the art technology, sometimes we are cutting things so close that it hurts: this is why we call it "the bleeding edge".

"First in Line"for Life

In future product releases, the original alpha pre-order holders will maintain a special status that moves them to the "front of the line" on orders and waitlists. This level of priority is our way of saying "Thank You" for your patience and support when the company just got started. Rest assured, no matter when you order you will be among the first in the world to receive our products.

LAFORGE Lounge Events

Occasionally, we will sponsor or co-sponsor events. Some of these events may be hands-on, like a focus group or a hackathon. Others may feature special guest speakers and opportunities to talk to LAFORGE Optical staff and well-known friends of the company.

Defects & Bugs

If you ever purchased a new car in its first year of production or some of the first iPhones or iPods, you may be familiar with the fact that bugs and defects are common in brand new products or first-of-its-kind technology. Now imagine being able to access that tech a year before the rest of the world can -- it would be fair to expect that all of the problems have not been found. As an alpha pre-order holder, we are depending on you to find and report any defects or bugs you find. Your help will accelerate developments and help ensure a successful mass-market launch.

LAFORGE Lounge Events

Why is this in both columns? Simple, we may not be able to guarantee that the events will be near you or will be free all of the time.

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