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Shipment Test: Gifts for Pre-Order Lock-Ins Ship

Today we've reached a small milestone: we began shipping gifts to people who locked-in their pre-orders as a part of the Alpha Program. The video above shows me signing letters to those in the program. Pre-Order customers have been waiting a long time to receive something from the Company so I felt that I must show my sincere gratitude by writing them letters thanking them for their support and patience.

Anyone who locks in their pre-order receives their choice of eyewear with the option of free prescription and the option of our Phantom Display lens. Those who chose the Phantom Display option, will be able to participate in the much awaited 'eXperiment 2'.

Fulfillment for Alpha Rev0 is not that far behind these.

The Company is using the pre-order lock-in shipments to test the ability to fulfill products from our four locations (Los Angeles, CA; Santa Fe Springs, CA; Bangkok; Thailand; and Seoul, Korea). This will give our team a better understanding of where processes and communication could be improved so we may scale a bit easier.

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