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REBOOTED: Experiment 2

As we continue development of Shima Alpha, Beta, and Beta Bold, we are pleased to have reached a place in our product development cycle where we can reboot Experiment 2. Experiment 2 is designed to allow the Company to maintain a structured release of Shima Alpha for testing purposes; the results will be used to support further development of Shima Beta and Beta Bold.

The goal of Experiment 2 is to gain insight into how our technology affects those who are exposed to it both directly and indirectly; where direct exposure is the experience of the Wearer and indirect exposure is that of those in the Wearer’s environment. So naturally, we are interested in extracting useful data-points on the Wearer’s experience.

Curious about what Experiment 2 is?

This is where we evaluate distraction to the Wearer and passersby in the Wearer’s vicinity. Of equal importance is the impact on the Wearer’s eye health and the impact of our tech on social norms and the Wearer’s behavior. Finally, the company would like to know how the Wearer’s sense of style is affected by the possibilities our tech presents. To sum it up, we believe it is mission critical to know and understand how people are personally affected by our technology; this is the only way that we can properly deliver a digital Eyewear product that truly allows people to control vital artifacts of their identity.

Caution: Don’t ask when! But I will tell you to expect rollout of Experiment 2 in the coming weeks 😁.

#experiements #alpha

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