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Alpha Pre-Orders Close in under 2 weeks

As we continue development of Shima Beta and Beta Bold it is now time for us to close pre-orders for Shima. Pre-orders will close on midnight February 23 Pacific Time. In the interim, the Company is focusing on fulfilling existing orders, continuing experiments in the Alpha program with Alpha participants, and adding even more staff to counter the delays we have experienced thus far. We are proud of the nearly 700 people with active pre-orders who have stuck by us after numerous setbacks, delays, and changes while we have been developing this product for the last three years.

As we go forward, we are committed to delivering pre-orders, answering questions, improving our development processes, and communication. For those on the fence, this will be your last opportunity to participate as we develop this line of revolutionary eyewear in the open. Alphas are a limited run that will be replaced by betas and Beta Bold.

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