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Introducing: SocialFLO SDK

At LAFORGE Optical we have been busy creating the best, lightest, and most stylish augmented reality platform. Today, we are ready to share a bit more of what we have been working on.

We are proud to announce that we a releasing the first developer tool as a part of the socialFLO SDK.

Since this project started in December 2014, we have been working on a different approach to augmented reality by creating the next generation of eyewear. The socialFLO simulator gets us one step closer to this brighter future as it allows developers to see the variables, inputs, and outputs they can use with future LAFORGE digital eyewear products.

What it means for developers?

For several months now many developers have been looking at our vision for socialFLO trying to figure out how to interact and create new experiences with our upcoming line of digital eyewear products. In general, most developers were preparing for us to release something complicated that required a lot of learning; fortunately, this is not the case.

Developers only need to have an existing smartphone application (iOS or Android), use our API, and create a file (.larp) with assets such as images, CSS, and JS inside. This allows developers to create new experiences that can source data from sensors on the wearer's phone, sensors on the wearer's eyewear, and from other providers such as the developer's smartphone app itself. This tool will evolve and be expanded in the coming months as we take in feedback from interested developers. Our goal is to make developers lives as easy as possible.

LAFORGE is here to set the rules and ensure our wearers have access to the safest and highest quality experiences in augmented reality created by 3rd-Party developers. As our eyewear product rollout increases, developers will be able to participate in a revenue share model with LAFORGE.

How does it work?

We are a digital eyewear company, which means that the basis of what we develop is great hardware with easy to use software within; and our API is part of that. While our API provides access to most of the features on the digital eyewear platform, ease of use and saving time for the developer is our focus here. We have provided a couple of examples so you can get started and have a better idea of how to use the tool. For more information check out the documentation.

For any problems, suggested improvements, or other inquries, please send an email to

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