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2017 February Micro-Update

Production will resume soon

I recently returned from visiting our team in Bangkok last week. While there, we were able to get to the bottom of an issue that we had noticed in the December lens samples that caused us to immediately stop lens production. I can now say with extreme confidence that we do have a functional production process for the prescription lenses with PhantomDisplay™. We will also, finally, be updating order statuses for the first 20 deliveries over the next couple of weeks. If you’ve order a pair, someone will reach out to you soon with questions and to confirm your prescription. This has admittedly taken a while, but we really want to make sure that we didn’t just rush something out -- we also want to set expectations. By the time we are through the beta release, anyone who pre-ordered an alpha will realize that they got a much better deal than advertised.

About those Lenses

Our PhantomDisplay™ lenses are still under development. We are currently making 3 different variants of this lens to determine which ones will work best for which application. For example, one variant may be better for those who are nearsighted, another may be better for those who are farsighted, and so on… We will create a survey for those who receive these so we can better ascertain their needs. We are surveying because eye exams are subjected to perception -- two people with the same exact prescription may have a different opinion on how clear or crisp the image is. We will have more details on this including images and video of the functioning lenses in early March.

New site for Alpha Users is forthcoming

In order to crack down on emails, we will be making a website for alpha pre-order holders within a week from today. There, you will be able to see an approximation of your shipment date, be able to get the latest news and updates concerning Shima, and perhaps gain access to some details on a couple of other things we are working on in the background. Email updates will continue, but we will be pointing people to the site’s blog in pretty much every update.

Above is an image of Shima Alpha Rev1 in "Half & Half" frame style. Note that Rev1 will only feature one display for the right eye. This prototype shows two displays similar to what will be offered in the Beta Bold configuration.

“Can I see it?”….”Yes you can”

I have had several people ask if they can demo our eyewear to get a better idea of how it works. Since we have made enough progress in lens manufacturing, I will be ‘opening the kimono’ a bit and allowing people to check it out. Since I work in a shared workspace, we will need to coordinate things by appointment. My desk is located in Los Angeles, CA on the west side. I will make myself available starting in about 2 weeks. Feel free to ask questions when you visit.

Master Plan to be unveiled in March of 2017

From time to time, I get emails about what’s next for LAFORGE Optical. Are we going to sell out? (NO!), are we going to build something for snowboarders and motorcyclists? (YEAH!), what about VR? (we’re thinking about it). So in our March 2017 Mega Update, I will unveil our master plan. It will be your best glimpse yet into our plans over the next two years and will let you guys know how we think about the future. Stay tuned.


Corey Mack CEO & Head of Design LAFORGE Optical

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