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Order Status Alpha Rev0

Current Status:


Key Details:  The company has began shipping alpha Rev0.3 to customers.

Customers involved in the Alpha Program may not receive their prototypes in the order indicated on our Order Status page. In general, orders are being dispatched in the order they were received, though there are some deviations for 'friends of the company', celebrities, and investors. Any requests to be moved up the shipment list will be ignored. At current, LAFORGE and its partners are hand producing prototypes (a time consuming process) but will soon begin producing prototypes at a much higher rate once we have implement a few more design improvements. Expect shipments to dramatically increase at Alpha rev0.5.

Important notes:

  • Those receiving Alpha rev0.3 and rev0.4 will also be the first to receive alpha rev0.5 (at no additional cost).

  • Not everyone will receive a particular rev (Alpha revX.Y). The Company is only making a limited number of each rev, but reach successive rev will have significant number more units than it preceding rev. We will not release the number of each rev we are producing.

  • You will be contacted by a member of the LAFORGE Optical team and given a special one time use code to finishing processing the order for the alpha prototypes.

  • We apologize for the delays associated with this release and have greatly appreciated everyone's patience.

Next Update: December 2018

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