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Waitlist: Shima Alpha

LEGACY Pre-Order List

(updated October 22, 2018)

Legacy orders are orders that occurred before LAFORGE Optical was incorporated in October 2014. The orders are from an earlier product called "Icis", which was scrapped. Legacy pre-order holders have the highest level of status in our system. Legacy pre-order holders will also receive items first in future product releases no matter when they ordered.

Alpha-Beta Pre-Order List

(updated August 21, 2018)

The Alpha-Beta Pre-order list is for all orders occurring after LAFORGE Optical was incorporated in October of 2014. Most of these orders took place in late spring of 2016 and will receive Alpha Rev2. On this list, we are only displaying orders placed through September of 2016. All orders after September 2016 will receive Alpha Rev 3.

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