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LAFORGE eXperimental Devices "XD", is a group within LAFORGE Optical consisting of pre-order customers, friends of the company, and suppliers who collaborate and communicate openly about new ways to use and develop LAFORGE Optical technology. The group meets in-person in a variety of locations in Los Angeles as well as online via Skype and other messenger services.

The group has capabilities in the product conceptualization, design, 3D printing, and focus groups. Not all projects that LAFORGE XD are involved in are public. Some are secret "skunkworks" projects with other start-ups and larger firms that have taken years of discussion and development. From time to time members of LAFORGE XD will be invited to participate in trials of some of these secret events, but participants must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and waiver of liability before participating in these experiments.

The purpose of the LAFORGE XD site is to offer technology to fans of LAFORGE Optical and give them a glimpse into the crazy world of product development. We believe offering people access and answering questions honestly is a great way to build understanding and support. We encourage everyone to participate in our forums, events, and share whatever they are comfortable with.

To share your thoughts and opinions about the LAFORGE XD group, join the discussion on this topic.

Working with the LAFORGE XD group
  • If you would like to work with us on a concept send an email to info[at] with the words "LAFORGE XD" as part of the subject line.

  • LAFORGE XD specializes in licensing and partnering with companies or individuals with a proven track record and budget to support building concepts to be promoted online and at in-person demos. LAFORGE XD does not provide funding for other company's projects.

  • We cannot guarantee that we will work with you on your concept or idea for a variety of reasons.

  • Please note that LAFORGE Optical is an embedded optics company whose first product is in Augmented Reality. We may be releasing concepts in the future in the automotive, medical, and sports industries with select partners.

  • LAFORGE XD is not a software development company.

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